Season 12: Designer Line Up Clothes Horse adopted by Eden XO, DeBrichhio by Antwan Bryd, and Carissa Lynne Designs adopted by Ting Barnard

We’re back again to introduce you to more of our Season 12 designers presented by Imperial Pearl!

February 24, 7:15 PM- Clothes Horse adopted by Eden XO

Opening on Wednesday, February 24th is Clothes Horse adopted by Eden XO. Eden XO is a minimalistic space, where clients, both men and women alike, can escape the rush of everyday life. Leaving guests feeling relaxed and refreshed, each clients experience is catered to the individual. Centrally located on Oaklawn Ave in Cranston, book your a single service appointment, or an Eden XO Special Event by calling (401) 275-2077.


As a self taught seamstress, Bianca Jones-Pearson earned her BFA in Ceramics and Art Education from Rhode Island Collge. Her strong design foundation played a pivotal role in her last collection that made its debut on the StyleWeek runway during Season 11.

With a focus on sustainable, zero waste, vegan garments, Clothes Horse Clothing utilizes both traditional and non traditional fabrics. Mixing new textiles with up cycled curtains, or repurposing vintage fabrics, every scrap is used in the production of the collection.





February 25, 7:15 PM- Debrichhio by Antwan Bryd 

Returning to the runway on Thursday, February 25th is designer Antwan Bryd with his women’s line DeBrichhio. Influenced by the world around him, Bryd draws inspiration from a scattered array of elements from architecture, photography, film, and all forms of art, but mostly people.

“There is no better inspiration for fashion than designing for someone’s life,” explains Bryd.

DeBrichhio has matured along with the designer. Beginning in Baltimore, Maryland, Bryd moved to Rhode island where he attended Johnson & Wales University and received his Bachelor’s degree in International Business.

With emphasis on clean lines and sexy silhouettes, DeBrichhio seeks to create the unforgettable. Check out his collection from Season 11 here!





February 25, 8:00 PM- Carissa Lynne Designs adopted by Ting Barnard

Returning to the Styleweek runway is Carissa Lynne Designs adopted by Ting Barnard.

Ting Barnard is a Styleweek veteran, having shown her collection “Tong” during Season 5 in 2012! Take a look at her interview with The Rhode Show below. It’s great to see the Styleweek community helping one another! 

Carissa Lynne Frazier is a young talent from Fall River, MA who started branding her fashion as Carissa Lynne Designs in 2011. With a background in sculpture, Carissa has always been attracted to the human figure and molding fabric into shapes that accent the forms which identify us as individuals. Inspired by unique vintage fabrics and classic trends, her lines include a wide range of formality and cater to special occasions with a particular focus on the cocktail dress. See Carissa’s collection from season 11 here!





*All photos courtesy of Myke Yeager Photography


Come back for more about our designers and sponsors involved in Season 12 presented by Imperial Pearl!

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