September 17, “Ladies Night”!

Angelica Timas
Opening on Thursday night was Chikke by Angelica Timas.


Angelica Timas is a Boston-based designer who launched Chikke in 2014. With no training in fashion, Angelica has mastered her skill by self-taught knowledge.


For the hot summer season, and the desire for travel but the need for beauty, “low maintenance”, “simple”, and “minimal” fashion, Angelica was inspired by these three words and combined them with asymmetry and color to concoct the aesthetic of her new S/S 2016 ready-to-wear line.

Each piece is unique and hand-crafted, made in small quantities giving a real exclusive and individual feel at a affordable pricing.


“I believe true style isn’t about paying haute couture prices, it’s about having a well edited selection of key pieces and knowing how to put it all together.”

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Sarah Prost
Inspired by the Western hemisphere was designer Sarah Prost!

yellow clover1

Sarah Prost is the face behind Yellow Clover, a whimsical and feminine womens-wear line created in 2007. Yellow Clover is designed for women who like to subtly standout while being both playful and professional.


Sarah is known for her quality craftsmanship, with touches of hand detailing and beautiful, natural fabrics. History, culture and fabrics have consistently inspired her collections. This season well planned out separates, as well as subtle patterned dresses took the runway. The earth tones coupled with pops of rustic orange and deep blues was the perfectly coordinated.

yellow clover2

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Carissa Lynne
Closing out the night of woman designers was Carissa Lynne!


Carissa Lynne Frazier is a young talent from Fall River, MA who started branding her fashion as Carissa Lynne Designs in 2011. With a background in sculpture, Carissa has always been attracted to the human figure and molding fabric into shapes that accent the forms which identify us as individuals.

af4337b11c5c7d46139afdc72f86544b(P.S. This picture was our most LIKED on our

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Inspired by unique vintage fabrics and classic trends, her lines cater to special occasions with a particular focus in cocktail dresses. Carissa’s work incited an appreciation for the youthful and sophisticated modern woman who is confident, fun and ambitious.


Custom pieces are available upon request, while collection items are housed at nude boutique in the Arcade Providence!

*Pictures courtesy of Myke Yeager and Valencio Photography



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