September 14, Opening Collections

Antwan Bryd

Opening StyleWeek with a bang was DeBrichhio by Antwan Bryd!

Antwan Bryd

Antwan Byrd designs for women who have a passion for life. They have a fierce desire to standout, while humbly exuding self-confidence. Byrd draws inspiration from a scattered array of elements from architecture, photography, film, and all forms of art, but mostly people.

“There is no better inspiration for fashion than designing for someone’s life,” explains Byrd.



This season, Bryd opened the week with his sporty and playful line. With emphasis on clean lines and sexy silhouettes, Bryd’s knit sportswear had a palette of black, white and pink. Wearing clothes with mid-drift baring silhouettes, deep necklines, flirty draping and high slit skirts, the models were ready to showcase Bryd’s newest collection.

Antwan Bryd #2



For more information about Bryd visit

Chaz Aracil

Making his StyleWeek debut on Monday September 14th was RISD graduate Chaz Aracil!

Chaz Aracil

Chaz’s take on Haute Couture both distorts “normal” ideals of elegance and proportions of the female figure. Through the vast experimentation of material play, his individual pieces serve as one of a kind, original works of art. During his journey at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as an undergrad in Apparel design, Aracil has began to value the concept of collaboration. Since his interests stretch over such a wide spectrum, he has started working with all different types of artists and people including architects, sculptors and even scientists to make highly conceptualized theories into reality.

Just recently graduating from RISD in 2015, Aracil is quite eager to further his practices in interdisciplinary research and design.

Chaz Aracil #2

Aracil wowed the crowd as his fashion forward statement pieces made their way down the runway. The vibrant green, blue and purple patterns were scattered throughout the rubber latex garments made possible through a collaboration with Zoe Karina Lohmann, a fellow artist from RISD. The sculptural rubber pieces were brought to life and paired with black pants an accessories, oversized jackets, and silky fabrics that also conveyed the cool color palette.

Not to mention the hair and makeup that brought the collection’s theme together. With theatrical eyeliner, smokey eyes, and the “kitty-cat” braided hair, the look was awed by many! A special thanks to Betha Wood, Holly Dalton and their teams! 12017555_1086035504770005_4828853918458408179_o



To continue reading about Chaz Aracil and his creative process at visit his website at

Samuel Vartan

Closing out StyleWeek Season 11’s opening night was returning designer, Samuel Vartan!

Samuel Vartan

Samuel Vartan is a designer from Montreal based out of Boston. His S/S 2016 collection “Mediterranean” is a dynamic mix of garments which can easily be worn as a part of everyday life but are inspired by a life on the islands. Fine linen shirts, dresses, and blazers are the collection’s staples along with coverups and sheer numbers meant to take you from the beach to dinner. Mediterraneo pays homage to the designer’s European background and it’s customer is fun, vibrant, and full of life.

“Fashion is here today but gone tomorrow but style lasts forever.”


Samuel Vartan #2

Vartan’s newest collection was a dramatic change from his F/W 2015 collection “Dark City”. While “Dark City” brought darker tones, working in cashmere, velvet, satin, leather, and furs, “Mediterraneano” boasted neutral colors, light whites, blues and creams. Vartan’s dresses were the highlight of the show, however he has a look for any occasion. His suits sets could be worn to work, while his long evening gowns are meant for a night out. Whatever the occasion may be, Vartan brings a feminine touch to any event.



For more information about Samuel Vartan’s collection, visit his website at

or the the StyleWeek website here

* Photos courtesy of Myke Yeager and Cat Laine



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