With ONLY ONE WEEK away until Season 11 of StyleWeek

I would like to introduce to you 7 of our new designers! 


#1 Chaz Aracil 

chaz aracil

By completely bending pre-constructed boundaries of the norm and forming an intimate relationship between the extensive research and creative narrative behind each project, Chaz Aracil begins to lead the world into his own.

Constructing a visceral bond with fine art and interactive modes of experience that is possible through precise attention to details and exquisite handwork in each piece. His take on Haute Couture both distorts “normal” ideals of elegance and proportions of the female figure. Through the vast experimentation of material play, that Aracil has embarked upon, his individual pieces serve as one of a kind, original works of art. During his journey at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as an undergrad in Apparel design, Aracil has began to value the concept of collaboration. Since his interests stretch over such a wide spectrum, he has started working with all different types of artists and people including architects, sculptors and even scientists to make highly conceptualized theories into reality.

With just recently graduating from RISD in 2015, the world around him seems infinite once again, and Aracil is quite eager to further his practices in interdisciplinary research and design.

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#2 Clothes Horse Clothing

clothes horse clothing

clothes•horse (ˈkloʊzˌhɔrs, ˈkloʊðz-) n. 1. a person whose chief interest and pleasure is dressing fashionably.

A self taught seamstress, Bianca earned her BFA in Ceramics and Art Education from Rhode Island College. Her strong design and foundations background play a pivotal role in her women’s ready to wear collection.

Bianca will be debuting her spring collection, ‘Urban Antiquity’ this September at Styleweek NE. With a focus on sustainable, zero waste, vegan garments, Clothes Horse Clothing utilizes both traditional and non traditional fabrics. Mixing new textiles with upcycled curtains, or repurposing vintage fabrics and remnants- every scrap is used in the production of our collection.

Clothes Horse is for the girl on the go. Our muse has a day job and a day dream. She’s quirky, adventurous, intelligent, independent, creative and driven. She has a natural sense for style and impeccable taste.

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#3 Jeffrey Dickerson 

jeffrey dickerson

Born in Providence RI, creating has always been natural to Jeffrey. From drawing to creating, he has tried to imagine how to defy the impossible. Fashion was never a thought in his mind because he didn’t realize it was a way to express his creativity. Once he did, he started changing his style to become more fashionable. It started to change direction in his mind by becoming less pretty and more exotic and Jeffrey wanted to be a part of that. There was all these ideas and no way to make them reality. So he decided to quit his old lifestyle and found The School of Fashion Design in Boston. It has been all uphill since and the best decision of his life.

Visit ByJeffreyDickerson.Com for more information.


#4 Valentina Oppezzo 

valentina oppezzo

Valentina is an Italian fashion designer, now living in the Boston area. Formerly a photographer, she combines her experience in different fields of visual arts (cinema, painting, drawing and, of course, photography), to create colorful, joyful, stylish clothes and handbags of vintage inspiration, mixing prints, textures and materials.
Her collections are 100% vegan-friendly (no silk, leather, fur or feathers), and they incorporate eco-friendly fabrics, like organic cotton and recycled felt.
She attended the School of Fashion Design (Boston) as a part-time student. Her first fashion show was SEED 2013, and since then she has shows her work on several runways along the East Coast, and will soon also present her collection in Europe.

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#5 EVOLUE Apparel 

evolue apparel

EVOLUE apparel is a clothing line designed for the everyday woman to help transition her style from one event to the next. We all wish we had a personal stylist on hand to help us continually create options for our daily lives. Here is where we step in. By creating classically chic clothing with the essence of modern luxury and particular attention to quality, fit, craftsmanship and detail, we create great staple pieces to help generate many different looks. Our philosophy on fashion is to keep it simple and not overcomplicate the look. We do this by focusing on effortless clothing that compliment any figure and serve as the palate on which to build a look. Our inspiration comes from the daily struggle with our own closets and the age old question of… what to wear.


#6 Samuel Vartan 

samuel vartan

Samuel Vartan is a designer from Montreal based out of Boston. His Fall/Winter collection Dark City changes dramatically from his Mediterraneo Spring/Summer line as the collection takes on a more darker and ominous tones working in predominantly black fabrics such as cashmere, velvet, satin, leather and the occasional furs.

Dark City gets it’s name from the designer’s love of the big, eclectic cities such as Montreal, New York, London, Prague and Berlin which all have a strong underground sub cultures. The designer describes this line as sleek silhouettes in bold fabrics with eclectic accents and details on minimalist shapes and forms. The Dark City customer is described as someone who knows what they want from life and are very confident; they like to live life to the fullest.

Mediterraneo is a dynamic mix of garments which can easily be worn as a part of everyday life but are inspired by a life on the islands. Fine linen shirts, dresses, and blazers are the collection’s staples along with coverups and sheer numbers meant to take you from the beach to dinner. Mediterraneo pays homage to the designer’s European background and it’s customer is fun, vibrant, and full of life.

“Fashion is here today but gone tomorrow but style lasts forever.”


#7 Mode Merr 

mode merr

Mode Merr was created in 1989 by the owner and designer Angela Zampell. She was encouraged to follow her dreams of being a designer from a very young age.

The path to Mode Merr’s success has not been a conventional one. After being kicked out of art school in 1991, Angela went to L.A where Mode Merr was quickly embraced by indie boutiques from Venice Beach to Melrose Ave.

After returning to New England, Angela gained valuable experience as a costumer at The Boston Lyric Opera for many years, as she worked on Mode Merr designs after hours. was launched in 2000 and remains a go to website for pin up girls and modern women who enjoy fashion that reflects a vintage flair.

Mode Merr creates glamorous, curve hugging designs made with modern fabrics, using old school sewing techniques.

In 2013, Mode Merr moved into their sunny Pawtucket artist studio where most of the collection is produced. Angela holds several open studios through out the year there.

Mode Merr always offers every style and design in sizes xxs-xxxl. Mode Merr believes that it’s better to celebrate rather than camouflage one’s curves.

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