Recap of StyleWeek Night 2


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On StyleWeek Night 2 we got to see Fall 2016 collections from Clothes Horse Clothing sponsored by Eden XO, Tangoella sponsored by Synrgy, and Devinto sponsored by Bay Realty. Clothes Horse Clothing sponsored by Eden XO was hard to keep your eyes off of because of all of the vibrant colors and furs. From rompers to dresses, this line was designed with lots of beautiful bright floral prints. It had fun and fabulous written all over it! The one thing I loved about this beautiful line of clothing was that all of the pieces could be dressed up or dressed down. My favorite floral romper could be worn to a casual lunch or dressed up with heels to be worn out at night. To purchase one of these designs visit

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Next we got to experience the Tangoella line designed by Ella Tang and sponsored by Syngry. This very chic and modern collection took the lace trend to a new level. I wanted every single one of the designs that came down the runway. This collection could make any woman feel sexy and beautiful at the same time. To purchase this collection and more looks by this designer, visit




Last but not least, we have Devinto sponsored by Bay Realty. Devinto is a little different than the rest of the collections because it is eco and ethically conscious. This line was more geared toward the comfort side of fashion. If you are anything like me and always wear black, then you would love this collection. We saw comfort, basic, and chic all in one. From dresses and skirts to pants, this collection had it all. All purchases are made to order.. .If you would like a beautiful and eco friendly made clothing piece, visit




Photos by Myke Yeager 



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