Designer Antwan Byrd is Opening StyleWeek Season 11!

StyleWeek is pleased to announce Designer Antwan Byrd is opening Season 11 at the Providence G, September 14th! 

Antwan Bryd designs for women who have a passion for life. Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland and graduating from Johnson & Wales, he draws inspiration from a scattered array of elements from architecture, photography, film, and all forms of art, but mostly people.



“There is no better inspiration for fashion

than designing for someone’s life,” explains Byrd.



With emphasis on clean lines and sexy silhouettes, Bryd‘s line DeBrichhio seeks to create the unforgettable. His Season 10 and Season 9 collections can be viewed below respectively.


Season 10

Season 9 

For more information visit or


We can’t wait to see what Byrd‘s been planning for Season 11! 

XO, Victoria


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