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We introduced you to Ting Barnard, owner of her very own consulting firm and sponsor of Carissa Lynne Designs in our last blog post. Now say hello to her interior designer, Amber Price, who is helping to create an inspiring workplace for Ting at her new office!


Meet Amber Price, the woman behind Amber Wilhelmina Design & Interiors.


Growing up in Vermont then moving to North Carolina for college, Amber graduated from High Point University, a design program ranked among the top 10 in the country. As long as she could remember, she always liked to rearrange spaces and was glued to HGTV in between classes, so it was inevitable that Amber would become an interior designer in the heart of the furniture industry, North Carolina. Straight out of college, she worked at award winning, woman owned firm, Barbour Spangle Design Group. Four years later the economy took a toll and Amber was forced to go out on her own and made a name for herself not realizing what a blessing in disguise this would later become. A couple years later, Amber relocated to Rhode Island for a corporate design job and founded Amber Wilhelmina Design & Interiors.



Amber logo


Located in East Greenwich, RI, Amber Wilhelmina Design & Interiors provides both à la carte and full service designs for businesses, workplaces, healthcare, retail, hospitality and residential interiors. Clients can choose to receive assistance in (1) concept development, (2) architectural & design drawings, (3) material selections, (4) project management or (5) all of the above. A one-woman powerhouse, Amber is involved and hands on in every single aspect for her clients from start to finish. Her clientele includes commercial property owners, dental and medical private practice offices, real estate agents, CEOs, residential home owners, a super stylish 16 year old and a very sweet old man and his dog Higgins.


Amber and Ting met through mutual contacts and their involvement in the PVD Lady Project. “Ting and I connected right away.  She’s such a strong, positive, go-getter woman it’s really refreshing and inspiring.  What’s really meaningful and why she’s so good at what she does; Ting is involved in so many different things, but is very particular about what she puts her time into, it’s not just a business transaction, it has to mean something to her.  I’m really excited about our partnership and look forward to learning from her in the process.”


Amber cites that the funny part about designing Ting’s office is that “I’m pretty much designing the space for myself because our likes and tastes are so similar.” After just a couple of “style gauge” sessions between Amber and Ting, Amber was able to conceptualize a vision and a feeling that fit Ting’s personality and company in three words:

1.Refined – the style will match very much with her personal style: polished, refined and commanding


2. Layered – layers of texture, glass and mixed materials to give the space dimension


3. Versatile – just like her business, the function of her space will adjust to collaborative meetings, hosting events and whatever she can dream up!


As a advocator and champion of all things local, Ting’s office renovation will take over 6 months because she will be sourcing local artists, businesses and stores to carry out her vision.   Check out the beginning phases of Ting’s new office with her final concept board and new lighTING (pun intended) below!


Ting Barnard Studios_Conference Rm Concept Board


According to Ting, “Amber wanted me to start with lighting first as she saw importance in illuminating a room and then working around them as they are center pieces. When Amber sent me a selection of light options, I chose both of these with her guidance because they exude grace, elegance and are very modern fixtures.”

Ting Light Fixture

“As Amber and I continue to work together, we will choose furniture and additional decor that will both complement and enhance the light fixtures. Every selection made will be thoughtful and reflect back to these two light fixtures; one in each room of my office space.”

Ting Office Space 2

Ting Office Space

“I love working with Amber because she understands how things should always work together…like people…the importance and power of connecTING them!”


Amazing, so far right?!   Follow Ting and Amber Wilhelmina to see the latest updates and the soon to be finalized office!





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