Valentine’s Day Looks

Valentine’s Day is coming up! What better way to highlight one of our premier sponsors, Masello, then to head over to the Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy located on Oaklawn Avenue to learn how to replicate a few looks for Valentine’s Day?

Check them out below!

Look #1

Make Up Artist: Emma Mulvey

Model: Chelsea


Tools of Choice:



Step 1: Fill in eyebrows with powder.

*Tip: Pick a shade that is lighter than the darkest part of the roots of your hair if you are unsure as to which shade you should use.


Step 2: Apply an eye base over the eye before applying any shadow. The eye base will help the shadow stay longer.

Step 3: Apply a light highlighting color shadow in the brow area and in the corner of the brow area.


Step 4: Add a light beige natural color in the crease of the eye.

Step 5: Add a second crease color shadow that’s a shade or two darker than the first crease color. This second crease color shadow will accentuate the crease so the eye and brow bone are prominent.

Step 6: For a little sparkle, add a little champagne shimmer color on the eyelids.

Step 7: Add a dark brown color to make it a little dramatic.

Step 8: Use black liquid liner to create the perfect cat eye.


Step 9: Use the same brown eye shadow from step 5 to use as an eyeliner on the bottom of the eyes to create a softer look.


Step 10: Curl eyelashes and apply mascara. The particular mascara that was used in this tutorial required no curling beforehand!

Step 11: Apply foundation

Step 12: Add concealer under the eye and the cheekbone. Also highlight nose, cupid’s bow and chin. Apply setting powder for a lasting stay.

Step 13: Contour with powder and apply blush to the cheekbones.


Step 13: Add highlighting powder under the cheekbone, cupid’s bow and chin for some more shimmer.

Step 14: Use lip liner to outline lip and then fill in the lips halfway. Shading your lips with lip liner will help to blend the colors of your lip liner and lipstick together beautifully.


Step 15: Apply lipstick and lip gloss in the center and you are done!


The final look!


This look is great for a date night, an everyday look or a look for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of make up.


Look #2

Hair Stylist: Melissa

Model: Jasmine



Tools of Choice:


  • Catwalk TIGI Hot Iron Spray for thermal protection
  • Catwalk TIGI Sleek Mist Hairspray for shine
  • Bedhead TIGI Masterpiece Massive Shine Spray for massive shine and great hold
  • Bedhead TIGI Headrush for finishing shine spray once look is complete


Step 1: Create pin curls in the front and center of head to give hairstyle added height.


Step 2: Back comb the sections that were pin curled to add volume.

Step 3: Create a ponytail at the nape of the neck and leave a little section of hair to frame the face. Since the model’s hair isn’t that thick, only one ponytail was created. If you have thick hair, many ponytails can be created.



Step 4: Spray with BedHead Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray for a lasting hold.


Step 5: Take small sections of the ponytail, curl with a wand or curling iron and pin to your preference loosely until there aren’t anymore sections. Don’t forget to alternate the direction of the curl.



Step 6: Complete the look with Bedhead TIGI Headrush and voila!



How easy was that look?!


Look #3

Hair Stylist: Madison Fish

Model: Shannon



Tools of Choice:


  • Keratin Complex Glowtion Potion was used to tame down frizz and prep hair to curl
  • S Factor Vivacious Hairspray and Moroccanoil Luminious Hairspray were both used to provide medium strength hold
  • S Factor Spun Satin: a texture cream that was used to piece out the curls
  • Bedhead TIGI Headrush: finish spray

Step 1: Curl hair with a 1-inch barrel and pin the curls to create volume. All hair was curled inward except for the sections that framed the model’s face, which was curled outwards.


Step 2: Take the middle section of the hair and create a loose braid.



Step 3: Tie braid with rubber band and make the braids looser by pulling them apart.

Step 4: Grab a small section from each side from the front portion of the hair and twist and tuck it into the braid. Bobby pins are optional for this step.


Step 5: Continue until there isn’t any left to twist.


Step 6: Finish with Bedhead TIGI Headrush and add flowers or ribbon if desired.


Isn’t it such a pretty and romantic hairstyle?


With a few looks to choose from and enough time to try them out at home, we hope you try out some of these looks for Valentine’s Day! If you do, tag us!  If you are interested in enrolling in the Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy to create some amazing looks and hair, visit their website to learn how you can register!



Makara, Cara and MaShawn




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