Who and What is Imperial Pearl?

With 48 days till opening night, I’m sure you’ve seen our StyleWeek Presented by Imperial Pearl logo. Rhode Island harbors an abundance of ostensibly “local” companies that in fact enjoy international clout. StyleWeek loves partnering with such companies, and Imperial Pearl certainly fits the bill. But who and what is Imperial Pearl?

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After more than a century of evolution, Imperial Pearl today is recognized today as the foremost expert in and designer of pearls and pearl jewelry. From its world headquarters in East Providence, Rhode Island, Imperial Pearl operates under the enlightened leadership of three generations of the Bazar family as the largest independent pearl company in the United States. Its dominant industry position is largely – but hardly exclusively – the result of its ability to get first pick from the annual harvests of the world’s most coveted pearl farms.

An early photo of the Bazar family.

For decades, royalty from all walks of life have sought out Imperial Pearl jewelry designs and craftsmanship – from Hollywood stars the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Rita Hayworth, and Lucille Ball, to political powerhouses such as former First Lady Nancy Regan, to Rhode Island’s own former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

Elizabeth Taylor, above, wearing Imperial Pearl

Elizabeth Taylor, above, wearing Imperial Pearl.


Hollywood icon Rita Hayworth, radiating in Imperial Pearl.

Sound like the kind of company you’d care to keep? Then visit www.imperialpearl.com and use its Jeweler Search feature to find your source for what we like to call The IMPERIAL Pearl.


Loretta Young looks stunning in her Imperial Pearl jewelry.

Stay tuned for a special “behind-the-scenes” tour of Imperial Pearl in upcoming blog posts.

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