Staff Favorite Looks from Season 11

As we move onto season 12, we are wrapping up season 11 with the StyleWeek staff’s 3 favorite looks.  Check them out below!


Rosanna M Ortiz – Founder & President loved…

1. Jonathan Joseph Peters has the perfect juxtaposition of fantasy and reality.


2. Chikke by Angelica Timas has Hollywood red carpet flair that would be perfect at the Grammy’s or Music Awards.


3. Evolue by Susan Zemaitis captures what the everyday woman can wear day or night.



Amy Samaha- Executive Vice President & Accessory Showcase Director loved…

1. Carissa Lynne Designs– This is a fun and playful piece that can be worn for several occasions.1of91(13of91)

2. Chikke by Angelica Timas– I am a sucker for a deep V and this hits the belly!  It’s a tasteful way to show skin, with a beautiful wrap detail.


3. Jess Abernethy– I fell in love with the colors Jess used for this collection, the cut is perfect!1of143(70of143)


Kelsey Cregg- Director of Designer Acquisition and Management loved…

1. Yellow Clover by Sarah Prost


2. Chikke by Angelica Timas


3. Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis


…because they are looks that everyone can wear, but they all have a uniqueness to them that makes the wearer stand out and make a statement!


Toyin- Reservations & Event Director loved…

1. Chaz Aracil– Chaz’s black jacket and pant was a favorite simply because of the dark and edgy look it exuded. The black on black fabrics made the two pieces pop and you could wear it as an entire outfit as separates.


2. Chikke by Angelica Timas– This green dress from the Chikke is beautiful because it is a beautiful color, simple, and can be worn to a variety of places.


3. Stetkiewicz– This yellow dress has such a warm feel. I am a lover of texture and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the layered lace.



Makara Chan- PR & Social Media Director loved…

1. Carissa Lynne Designs– The draping on this dress is beautiful and I love the gold accents with this soft shade of pink.


2. Stetkiewicz– This dress is such a beautiful shade and I think it would look good on any body type.  You can wear it as is for the Summer or Spring or throw on a leather jacket for a night out on the town.


3. Chaz Aracil– What’s not to love about this dress or his entire debut collection?!  The colors in this dress work so well together and reminds me of a piece that the late Alexander McQueen would have created.



Caroline Silva- Partnership & Sponsor Liaison loved..

1. Stetkiewicz– Loved how this dress has tons of movement. It’s long and flowy, without being over-dressed. The fringe also gives it an extra edge.


2. Sarah Prost– This is the perfect feminine dress. I loved the gradual color transition, and the lace detailing. This is also a great day-to-night dress.


3. Jonathan Joseph Peters– You know when you buy a dress that you don’t even have a place to wear it to? You just wait for something to come up so you can wear the dress there? This is that kind of dress. This asymmetrical dress shows just enough skin without being too revealing.



Lulu Locks- Back of House Manager loved…

1. Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis– Evolue was everything I love: fashionable, functional, & fun.  Those moments where an ensemble does all of those things is definitely a win! Glamorous and sun smart is a favorite look of mine, but the added bouncy ponytail made it fun and modern.


2. Jess Abernethy– The hair and makeup was all about fun, and an adventurous twist on a classic.  Sometimes an opportunity to play with hair and makeup can lighten your heart and change your perspective for a moment.


3. Mode Merr presented by Suite Tart– Her playful use of the classics will always be in style.  No matter the occasion a little throwback styling is always fun.



Betha Wood- Creative Director of Hair loved…

1. The hair she created for Chaz Aracil‘s debut collection at StyleWeek.


2. The hair she created for Clothes Horse Clothing presented by Eden XO debut collection at StyleWeek.


3. The hair she created for Jess Abernethy‘s collection in which brightly colored hair pieces that were dyed by Jess Abernethy were micro crimped and incorporated into the hairstyle.



Holly Dalton- Creative Director of Makeup loved…

1. Jonathan Joseph Peters– A monochromatic grey makeup with strong features and touches of shine and . I love this look for the villainous eyes accented with rectangular brows. The liner was a huge sweep of black for a badass touch. Then a wash of grey glitter over the eyes for sparkle. Says, I’m an evil queen but I’m pretty too. I always appreciate the drama JJP brings.


2. Chaz Aracil– The double extended cat eye with a pop of white in the water line was great contrast agnaist the hard black lines on either side. Each model had a slight variation of smoke inspired clouds through the eyelids with shades of silver, blue or green. My Samurai inspiration given from the designer was fun to work with. I customized this nude lip with a blue shimmer pigment mix made backstage then pressed into the center of their lips. It’s the little things.


3. Stetkiewicz– The makeup I created for Amy was fresh and free. This look was altered last minute and I am so happy with the way it came out. I imagined this girl as a punk rock beauty getting ready and stopping after completing one eye because she’s low maintenance and super cool. Their skin, just like their lips was kept matte to look natural and soft. I used one of my favorite shades of bright pink lipstick to keep things fun. I love anything that feels organic, so this defiantly had to make the list.



Glori- Executive Assistant to the President loved…

1. Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis– I believe that this is a must have outfit. Perforated leather is definitely very popular for this season. It was one of the main fabrics shown in Evolue Apparel runway show. Definitely one of my favorite looks from the entire collection.


2. Jonathan Joseph Peters– Implementing zippers on the skirt was what caught my eye in this specific look.  I like more edgy pieces. Definitely would make this skirt part of my closet.


3. Jess Abernethy– Every girl’s closet  should have multiple box tops, I consider them part of the basics in my wardrobe. This pink top can be used with pants, skirts and even shorts. It is a must have from her this collection.



Kellie- Assistant to the Executive Vice President loved…

1. Stetkiewicz– I love all of the details about this dress, the high collar, the texture, and even the color. It’s so unbelieveably feminine and simple yet makes a huge statement. This is a dress that I would love to wear for a special occasion. P.S: This finale piece has already found a home!


2. Jess Abernethy– This is the perfect spring look. I love the boxiness of the top paired with the movement of the skirt. Not to mention it’s the perfect shade of pink.

Jess Abernethy

3. Evolue Apparel by Susan Zemaitis– This is my all-time favorite look and something that I would wear everyday if I could. I love the bow on the neckline and the length of the sleeves. It’s simple, sophisticated, yet so fashion-forward all at the same time.



Victoria- Blog & Social Media Manager loved…

1. Stetkiewicz– I LOVED the last dress Amy Stetkiewicz’s sent down the runway. The lace had beautiful texture and was unexpected! Paired with those killer shoes it was a knockout.


2. Chikke by Angelica Timas– I’m a sucker for an warm weather, and this dress is so versatile. Dress it up, dress it down; either way this pop of color and deep V neck will be sure to turn heads!


3. Chaz Aracil– I already told Chaz I wanted a pair of these leggings! His whole collection was creative, but I especially loved this look with the image of dripping latex on the leggings, and the colorful top with a mix of print and textured designs. The hair and makeup pulled the whole look together!



MaShawn- PR & Social Media Assistant loved…

1. Jeffrey Dickerson– The finale was my favorite look of season 11. This gown is red carpet ready and the colour is superb. Also, the construction of the gown makes it more than just another gray gown. I love the geometric shapes that can be seen in the dress.1of130(101of130)

2. Valentina Oppezzo– I love colors and I’m an 80s baby. This ensemble is just well put together. Every garment from the necklace down to the shoes is intriguing to the eye. I love details in garments and this one has many. It exudes confidence and I could see that being worn by many young celebrities.


3. Jonathan Joseph Peters– He slayed with this jacket. What a high fashion outfit and piece. The beauty of the portions makes the model looked very balanced! As a man, I would wear that jacket right now!!


*All runway photos courtesy of Myke Yeager and all behind the scenes hair and makeup photos courtesy of Cat Laine*

…and that is a wrap for season 11!  We can’t wait for the hair, makeup and fashion that season 12 will bring!!  Save the date for February 23rd-27th!!




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