Reintroducing Several Veteran Designers: Dylanium Knits Sponsored by Zipcar, Angelica Timas Sponsored by A Maven’s World, And PINI Sponsored by TONI & GUY

Welcome to our third installment of introducing more unbelievable designers of Season 12 StyleWeek presented by Imperial Pearl.

February 25, 8:45 PM – Dylanium Knits sponsored by Zipcar

Returning to StyleWeek to close Thursday night, February 25th, is Dylanium Knits sponsored by Zipcar.

As a smarter way to drive not only in Providence but anywhere the road might take you, Zipcar offers its members a cost effective way to use a set of wheels. Whether you’re looking for a hassle-free way to use a car or a reason to no longer own a car, Zipcar is the service for you. Unlike renting a car, Zipcar has numerous pick up locations and with no fuss involved. Additionally, with low rates that include gas, insurance, and mileage, why would you go anywhere else? As we get closer to StyleWeek, watch out for special offers and possible giveaways from Zipcar.

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The man behind Dylanium Knits, Dylan Uscher, is a self-taught knitwear designer from Boston, MA. After moving to Canada in 2005 to pursue educational goals, his love for knitting caused the creation of Dylanium Knits in 2010.

Even before its debut winter 2013-14 collection, Dylanium Knits had secured its spot as a dominant voice in the Canadian fashion community. The brand worked with various Canadian designers and was featured in the international M.A.C. Cosmetic Style Seeker campaign. Having moved his company back to Boston in 2013, Dylan continues to thrive each season. With his knitting skills combined with his style, he constructs wearable, intelligent designs.

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February 26, 7:45 PM – Angelica Timas sponsored by A Maven’s World

On Friday, February 26th, a familiar designer Angelica Timas sponsored by A Maven’s World will grace the runway with her latest creations. As a lifestyle brand, A Maven’s World is the go-to destination for the most current fashion, beauty, and home collections. This ensures that you will be motivated, emotional connected, and inspired by their platform; not only will your fashion change but your business and social functionality.

After deciding to pursue her passion for fashion design, Boston-based designer Angelica Timas started Chikke in 2014. With two master’s degrees in unrelated fields, Angelica has conquered the art of fashion design through self-taught knowledge. With the launch of Chikke, Angelica has displayed that with determination and vision, your dreams can be accomplished.

The Chikke woman is a confident and high spirited woman who knows how to navigate through a fun time. She is a mover and shaker yet knows when to slow down to enjoy the moment. She is versatile and stands out by making her own styles and trends – not following them.

With her designs, each piece is individualized and hand-crafted for an exclusive quality with reasonable prices.

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Relive her season 11 looks here!


February 26, 9:00 PM – PINI sponsored by TONI & GUY

After a brief hiatus from the StyleWeek runway, PINI sponsored by TONI & GUY is back to close on Friday, February 26th. Like many companies that we have highlight over the last couple of months, TONI & GUY started as a single family-owned and family-run salon back in the 60s. With its bases in England, they didn’t reach America until 1990 in Dallas, Texas (We have our very own academy here in RI). By offering cosmetology training and endless cutting, coloring, and styling techniques, TONI & GUY has created an international brand that celebrates over 25 years of success!

PINI formed in 2013 under the direction of designer Nicholas Pini, is a womenswear brand that celebrates the new California girl. Living under the sun, feeling famous, and enjoying your life is what the PINI world is all about. With the ocean and California dream being major influences, Pini has created a brand that is laced with ultra-feminine silhouettes and incorporates both East and West Coast styles.

With that said, in season 12, the PINI girl has changed and we can’t wait to see her transformation!

21of53(37of53) 21of53(42of53) 21of53(49of53)*All runway photos courtesy of Myke Yeager Photography

Stay tuned for more designers in the near future.

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