February 17, 8PM DeBricchio by Antwan Byrd

Continuing the night was designer Antwan Byrd with his collection DeBricchio.


DeBrichhio designs for women who have a passion for life. Influenced by the world around him, Creative Director Antwan Byrd draws inspiration from a scattered array of elements from architecture, photography, film, and all forms of art, but mostly people. “There is no better inspiration for fashion than designing for someone’s life,” explains Byrd.

DeBrichhio has matured along with the designer, from humble beginnings growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in International Business to prepare for the international business of fashion.

With emphasis on clean line and sexy silhouettes, DeBrichhio seeks to create the unforgettable. Excelling in what he does best, this season Bryd combined simple clean clines and alluring silhouettes in solid colors for a sexy collection.


Click the slide show below to get a behind the scenes look into the DeBricchio show!


Bryd’s designs are available wholesale at sales@debricchio.com or you can visit his site HERE!

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XO, Victoria


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