Designer Profiles- Nick Pini

New year, new clothes! We cannot express how excited we are to see Nick Pini of PINI show some of his new clothes this February in our Fall 2015 fashion shows! Don’t know who Nick Pini is? Well, let us help you with that!


Here are five fun facts about this exciting designer:
1. I went to college thinking that I would become a Pro Surf Photographer!
2. I name my clothing based on a feeling you get when you wear it. Like the cheek tank, because it’s a bit cheeky, and the Meow! Mini dress, because it makes you feel like a flirty feline.
3. I believe the key to happiness is to live in your own little world.
4. I haven’t watched the news since I was in High School.
5. Just about everyone in my phone has a pet name.


Nick Pini and his models after the show!

Nick Pini and his models after the StyleWeek Season 9 show!


The final walk!


We can’t wait to see some of your ‘flirty feline‘ garments this February, Nick! Just one more month until the big day!


XO, Your intern blogger Victoria


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