Designer Profiles- Dylan Uscher

With a windchill of 7 degrees here in Providence, I don’t think there is a better time to introduce designer and owner of DYLANIUM Knits, Dylan Uscher!




Dylan is sharing some of his beautiful garments with us on the runway this February! Let us help you get to know him a little more before the runway shows with these five fun facts:


1.I was born in NJ, raised in Cambridge, MA and lived in Toronto, Canada for 8 years
2. I have a BA and MA in Linguistics from the University of Toronto
3. I first learned how to knit while stuck in traffic on a bus in rural Ontario. My friend was knitting a sweater and showed me how to knit. We are still friends
4. My first professional knitting job was making fisherman style sweaters for French Bulldogs, Pugs, and other pudgy adorable dogs
5. I love knitting with unconventional materials including leather, twine, rope, and paper. I even knit an entire dress out of bathroom tissue for a Canadian national charity fashion show




Thanks Dylan! We can’t for you to heat things up on the runway!

XO, Your intern blogger Victoria


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