Seed Student Designer Mentorship Program, Where Innovation Meets Education

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we touched upon Seed.  Modeled after Project Runway, Seed began in 2011 as a student designer competition where university students were challenged each year to create a garment with certain parameters.   Industry professionals would judge the students and the winner would walk away with a monetary prize and their first experience of a professional trade show.   After five successful student designer competitions, Seed launched into a supplemental secondary education mentorship program in October 2015!   StyleWeek and Seed have combined and are now one company.  Below is a homage to all of the Seed winners who have created innovative pieces EVEN WITH RESTRICTIONS!!

1st Seed student: Nick Pini with a dress constructed out of Vitamin Water Bottles!



1st Seed Student Competition Winner: Kwong Hui Yen of MassArt with a dress constructed out of rope, clothes pins and a mop!

IMG_5369*Photo courtesy of Daniel Gagnon Photography


2nd Seed Student Competition Winner: Chloe Davis of MassArt with a dress constructed out of teabags!

IMG_5366*Photo courtesy of Daniel Gagnon Photography


3rd Seed Student Competition Winner: Gabrielle Lopez of Rhode Island College with a ring constructed from sterling silver, brass, drafting film and pigment that also doubles as a cranking operating windmill!



4th Seed Student Competition Winner: Gloria Im of MassArt with a dress constructed out of mini blinds!

IMG_5372*Source unknown


5th Seed Student Competition Winner: Jennifer DeGagne of Rhode Island College!



6th Seed Student Competition Winner: Ali Bianchi of School of Fashion Design Boston with a dress constructed from saran wrap and coffee filters.


We can’t wait to see the next set of students and the creative pieces that they will send down the runway!  Visit Seed’s website to learn more about the mentors, students involved and view past Seed designers!




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