Recap of StyleWeek Night 5

As you can see, StyleWeek Season 12 was a great week. This last post is about the amazing closing night where we got to watch Amy Stetkiewicz sponsored by pdsCommerce, Jess Abernathy sponsored by Ripple, and Jonathan Joseph Peters sponsored by Flaunt Boutique.

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Amy Stetkiewicz brought fur and feathers to a new level. She created a line that almost everyone could wear and look good in. This collection had everything including dresses, jackets, pants, vests, and skirts. We saw a range of bright and radiant colors, to neutral and dull colors. Amy Stetkiewicz overall did a great job!

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Next we watched Jess Abernethy. These designs were absolutely stunning and did not disappoint. The makeup on the models set a great mood for all of the pieces seen coming down the runway. The detail on every design was beautifully done. This was my favorite Jess Abernethy collection thus far.

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Last but certainly not least, Jonathan Joseph Peters took the runway. JJP was not afraid to use bright colors in his designs. JJP knows how to make each design look like a piece of art. Every piece had its own story. I can only imagine the time it took to make this beautiful collection.

StyleWeek Season 12 may be over, but StyleWeek Swim is just around the corner. Grab your tickets for the June 12th show here!






All photos by Myke Yeager Photography 


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