November 22 Yass Looks

Before we get into this week’s yass looks, here at StyleWeek we want to thank everybody who came out and supported our fashion fundraiser last night. It was a great time for an awesome cause and if you missed it, you can get a glimpse of it on our Instagram or Twitter.

Becky Chace

Becky Chace

Our yass looks for this week belongs to Becky Chace and Katarina Brunette. Here at StyleWeek, we are loving how their individual styles are shining through their black garments. Becky’s all black look with a pop of gray is giving us effortless chic. This outfit works for any time of day; whether going to brunch or having a casual dinner with friends.

Katarina Brunette

Katarina Brunette

With an inspired rocker look, we are admiring Katarina’s outfit. A leather jacket is a must have in any closet. It adds personality to any look and we love it. We also enjoy the visual contrast of wearing white and black together.

With amazing style, we are saying yass to you Becky and Katarina. Make sure you check out their instagrams for more of their stylish looks.

* Want your outfit to be featured as a yass look? Then send us your submissions to or #swneyassnom and tag styleweek on Instagram.*

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