Micro-Living in Providence

Artist rendition of a micro-loft kitchen. Photo courtesy Arcade Providence.

Artist rendition of a micro-loft kitchen. Photo courtesy of Arcade Providence.

Besides being America’s oldest indoor mall, Arcade Providence offers one of the hottest trends in the housing market – micro-living. With 48 micro-lofts located between the second and third floor, these spaces boast small yet efficient living spaces for those craving an urban environment. Whether a resident wants to walk or use public transportation, they aren’t far from anything the city has to offer.

With 48 units ranging from 225 to 875 square feet, there are 46 one-bedroom/ studio lofts, one two-bedroom, and one three-bedroom unit. With such a small space, every square foot is dedicated to providing the residents with the essentials as any regular spaced home. However, the kitchen has been modified to nearly full-sized appliances without a stove due to space constraints. But with many outstanding restaurants located in or around the Arcade, a stove is no longer a necessity.

If you are interested in affordable micro-living, the micro-lofts certainly fit the bill. Not only will you get an astonishing place but extras such as gathering spaces, on-site laundry facilities, and security access. And just in case you have too much stuff, extra lockable storage is provided.

Check out the video below about these micro-lofts.


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