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The holidays are coming up and aside from thinking about what outfits to wear, you wonder, well what am I supposed to do with my hair?! We’ve got you covered there thanks to Salon Bianco! Salon Bianco is owned and operated by Betha Wood, who also happens to be StyleWeek’s creative director of hair. Do you recall the BIG, CRAZY and OUT OF THIS WORLD hairstyles that hit the StyleWeek runway season after season? Yep! Those are executed under the direction of Betha Wood.

Betha Wood

Photo courtesy of Global Click Photography

Located on 423 Atwells Avenue in Providence, RI on Federal Hill, the team at Salon Bianco is OBSESSED with the art of hair and they are passionate about constantly reinventing their skills and your look to inspire confidence everyday.

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Thanks to Betha Wood who so graciously allowed her team of hairstylists to give us step-by-step instructions on three hairstyles that are easy, adjustable and festive for the upcoming holiday season to share with our StyleWeek followers!


Look #1

Hairstylist: Amy Acevedo

Model: Lucy Patterson

Amy and Lucy

Tools of Choice

Tools of Choice 1

*Before curling her model’s hair, Amy used Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Perfect Iron Spray as a heat protectant.

Step 1: Take hair from the crown area as if you are going to put your hair in a ponytail. With a hair elastic, tie your hair into a tiny bun.

Step 2: Spread the bun apart to create the “bow bits.”

Step 3: Take a piece of hair from your bow tails and pull it over to create a more defined separation for your bow. Pin it into place with a bobby pin.


Step 4: Puff out the bow and you are done!

Step 5: Spray final look with TIGI Catwalk Session Series Work It Hairspray to ensure hold and add some Bamboo Smoothing Kendi Dry Oil Mist to eliminate frizz.

This look is quick, easy and can be adjusted in so many different ways. You can curl the bow tails, add ribbon or add barrettes and pretty much whatever your heart desires!


Look #2

Hairstylist: Keara Eros

Model: Caroline Eros

Keara and Caroline

Tools of Choice

Look 2

*Before attempting this look, Keara used TIGI Catwalk Session Series Work It Hairspray and prepped her model’s hair with a curling iron to add some texture.  According to Betha Wood, “A good working hairspray is very important because it gives support to the hairstyle as opposed to shellacking hold like a finishing spray does. The StyleWeek backstage team has used hundreds of cans of TIGI Catwalk Session Series Work It Hair Spray and it’s our favorite!”

Step 1: Keara sprinkled some Sugar Dust from Bed Head by TIGI to create volume and texture before taking two bobby pins to create a bump at the crown.

Step 2: It does not matter if you start on the left side or right side, but for this tutorial, Keara started on the right side. Take a strand of hair and overlap it with another strand of hair to create a twist. Continue to create this twist by picking up pieces of hair while moving towards the middle of the head. Once you have reached the middle, use bobby pins to hold in place.


Step 3: Repeat the same steps on the left side of the hair. Secure the twist with bobby pins.

Step 4: The ponytail created with the two side twists will be braided into a fishtail braid. For this look, Keara incorporated a ribbon for a festive, holiday look with the help of a bobby pin.


Step 5: Secure fishtail braid with an elastic and spray with finishing spray. Loosen fishtail braid for a “messy and undone” look.

Step 6: Add ribbon if desired.  Finish with TIGI Bed Head Headrest Shine Adrenaline Superfine Mist Spray to add shine.

Final look

Such a pretty look!


Look #3

Hairstylist: McKenzie Enright

Model: Emily Mabrouk

Look 3


Tools of Choice


Step 1: McKenzie prepped her model’s hair with Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Styling Tonic and Alterna’s Caviar Style Prep before curling her model’s hair.


Step 2: Once all the hair was curled, a middle part was determined and two French braids were created on each side of the part.

French braids

Step 3: Bring the two French braids together with an elastic to create a ponytail.

French braids 2

Step 4: Grab a piece of hair and conceal the elastic by wrapping a piece of hair around it. This step will add extra height to your hairstyle!

Step 5: Spray some Alterna’s Caviar Working Hair Spray, fluff up the curls, tighten that ponytail and you are good to go to all those holiday dinners!

Final look 3


We hope you end up recreating one of these hairstyles for your upcoming holiday festivities.  If you do, please tag StyleWeek and Salon Bianco! All items used to create these hairstyles can be found at Salon Bianco and if there are any questions about the different steps involved in a particular hairstyle, leave a comment below or give Salon Bianco a call at 401.331.8099.

We will catch everyone on Thursday, November 19th to offer some suggestions for holiday outfit ideas from Nude Boutique!



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