Designer Profiles- Angelica Timas of Chikke

In less than a month, designers will be showing what they’ve got on the runway at

StyleWeek’s Fall 2015 fashion shows!

One of those designers is Angelica Timas of Chikke!



Not familiar with Angelica? Let us help you get to know her!

Here are five fun facts about this designer:


1. I have no formal training in fashion. Everything I know was self-thought. When I decided to learn to sew, I purchase a sewing machine a pattern and fabric. Today, I make my own patterns and the learning continues to be an evolving process.
2. My inspiration for designs comes from various passions I have, my culture, architecture and history, nature and the simple things in life
3. I have degrees in fields totally unrelated to fashion. I halted pursuing a PH.D in Information Technology so I can pursue my dream in Fashion
4. Most of my clothing are never the product of the first sketch. I always tweak it by the time I construct the final garment
5. My first attempt at making pants, the end result was 2 left legs




We can’t wait to see what you bring to the runway on 2.14.15! ¬†Thanks, Angelica!


XO, Victoria


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