August 28, 8PM Robert F. Merton

Storming the runway (literally) at 8PM was designer Robert F. Merton and his models! As the lights were cued to look like lightening, and the sound of thunder came over the room, the girls styled to have “wet” hair walked down the runway. Merton, a contemporary painter specializes in creating complex colorful prints for scarves, womenswear, men’s dress shirts and accessories. His artwork incorporates luminous and rich jewel tones that serve as a basis for all Alistair Archer textile patterns. Merton’s inspiration for the “wearable art” comes from celebrating joy and the unexpected wonders of life. Congratulations to Merton and his models for a playful and very colorful show!

Click to view the slide show below to get a behind the scenes look into the Robert F. Merton show!


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