Angelica Timas



The Chikkē woman is high spirited, confident and versatile. A fun funky diamond in the rough with a style all her own. This is the motto behind Chikkē by Angelica Timas.

Angelica Timas a Boston-based designer, launched Chikke by Angelica Timas in 2014. With no training in fashion Angelica has mastered her skills by self-taught knowledge and true passion for what she envisions in her work. Her Fall/Winter Collection boasted classic pieces with textured suit jackets, pencil skirts, and wide-legged pants. Scattered were sexy pieces to make the transition from day to night.
The hot summer season and the desire for travel but yet the need for beauty, “low maintenance”, “simple” and “minimal” fashion, which sometimes have negative inferences, but Angelica brings these three words and combines them with asymmetry and color to concoct the aesthetic behind Chikke’s ready-to-wear collections.

Each piece is unique and hand-crafted, made in small quantities giving a real exclusive and individual feel at a very affordable pricing.
“I believe true style isn’t about paying haute couture prices, it’s about having a well edited selection of key pieces and knowing how to put it all together.”

Angelica’s new designs hit the StyleWeek runway on Thursday 9.17 at 7:15PM. To purchase your tickets head over to


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