9 Questions with Josh Bazar from Imperial Pearl

I had the pleasure of asking Josh Bazar, Chief Marketing Officer at Imperial Pearl (presenting sponsor for StyleWeek Season 12) more about himself! Get to know him through our Q&A!


Q1.Please state for our readers your name and connection with Imperial Pearl. 

A: My name is Josh Bazar. I am Chief Marketing Officer at Imperial Pearl, but more importantly, I am the third generation in this family business.  Both my father and grandfather are passionate pearl experts who have established themselves as leaders in the international jewelry market. I am very fortunate to be able to work alongside them and continue to learn valuable lessons from them on a daily basis.



Q2: Did you always want to be part of the family business? 

A: I was practically born into the jewelry business. As a child, my playgrounds were the jewelry factories, and our craftsmen were part of my family. I have had the opportunity to travel to the world’s premier pearl farms and work with the farmers. After seeing the beautiful story behind the pearls and meeting the passionate farmers who tend not only to their oysters but to the surrounding environment as avid conservationists, it is hard not to become passionate. To say I love what I do would be an understatement.


Q3: Why do you think the company has been so successful? 

A: Many of our competitors in the jewelry business have sold their businesses to conglomerates.  We remain a family business. There is an enormous difference in the mentality of a big business and a company like ours – one with a passionate family tradition and reputation of excellence.

When a woman opens a box with Imperial Pearl on the front, what she will find is a product that we stand behind and that we have delivered with Bazar family pride. It is this steadfast dedication to superior quality and selection that has led us to success. As long as we are creating jewelry to the standards that my grandfather Banice Bazar set for our company, we will remain on track for success well into the future.10897938_10153560210951011_5218849244305205396_n


Q4:It seems that the company continues to give back to the community, whether reducing your carbon footprint or sponsoring local events. Why do you think this is important? 

A: We are extremely proud to be members of this community. It gives us great pride when we are able to share any success that we have in business with the fantastic organizations that are making a difference in Rhode Island.


Q5: Describe your typical day. 

A: There is really no such thing as a typical day in this business, but I would be glad to share my itinerary for the month.

  • Feb 4th: Live show on HSN – Home Shopping Network – in Tampa to launch a new collection just in time for Valentines delivery.
  • Feb 11th: Launch a new Imperial Pearl website with Atom Media www.ImperialPearl.com
  • February 12-14th: Fly to Toronto to launch Imperial Pearl to the Canadian market live on TV for four hours.
  • February 17th: I woke up to a call for a last minute meeting in Manhattan to discuss a potential collaboration with a very high-profile fashion designer whose collections are featured in aspirational department stores like Bergdorf Goodman and worn by some of the most influential celebrities in the world – think Oprah as an example.
  • Feb 23-27th: StyleWeek!!!
  • Feb 26th: VIP StyleWeek party hosted by our brand ambassador Olivia Culpo! Also my 30th Birthday.
  • Feb 28th: Fly to Hong Kong to attend the world’s largest jewelry show and meet with our pearl farmers to ensure that we will have first selection from their next harvests.

These are a few of my projects this month, so I manage to keep busy.  But I absolutely love what I do, and I wake up every day feeling thankful to be a part of such an exciting industry!


Q6: Can you tell our readers about your design process? 

A: While it is important for us to stay on top of all of the hottest trends on the market, it is even more important to create each setting with one thing in mind: the pearls! In order for a pearl to make it into an Imperial setting, it must be in the top 3% quality grade from all pearls harvested annually. To say that our selection process is anything less than meticulous is an understatement, so it is important that each Imperial Pearl is celebrated with a setting that does not take away from the natural beauty of the pearl.   After all, there is no better designer than Mother Nature herself!



Q7: Can you tell us about your trips around the world to hand pick pearls? 

A: The most memorable of all my travels came in March of 2011, when I was asked to film a documentary on pearl farming for the Cultured Pearl Association of America This truly ended up being the journey of a lifetime! We began our trip in Hong Kong, where for four days we walked the largest jewelry show in the world. From Hong Kong we traveled to remote pearl farms in the southern Philippines, home to the naturally colored Golden South Sea Pea. From there we traveled to China and visited the premier freshwater pearl farms. From China we traveled to Japan to visit with the foremost Japanese Akoya pearl farmers. From Japan we visited Tahiti, where we spent three days on an incredibly remote pearl farm (we dined exclusively on the sea’s freshly caught bounty).  We ended our journey at the pearl farms in Fiji, home to some of the world’s most rare and beautifully colored pearls.



Q8: What is the most rewarding part of pearl farming? 

A: Maintaining the balance between man and nature through the care and passion of the pearl farmer.


Q9: What is one thing we may have missed that our readers should know about? 

A: How to care for your pearls. Avoid contact with perfume or acidic liquids; the pearl is an organic gemstone, and these liquids can diminish luster and erode surface. So put your pearls on after your perfume.  The rule we advise is, “last thing on, first thing off.”  Lastly, choose a special area in your jewelry box for your pearls away from big metal pieces that could scratch their surfaces.


Season 12 of StyleWeek presented by Imperial Pearl begins tonight! See you later!

XO, Victoria


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