Behind The Scenes Of Olivia Culpo’s Photo-Shoot


This past holiday season Olivia Culpo did a holiday photo-shoot for Imperial Pearl. Although you weren’t there, we havUntitlede all the details to take you behind the scenes of the “2015 Imperial Pearl Holiday” photo-shoot.

“The goal for the “2015 Imperial Pearl Holiday” photo shoot was to bring back the feel of classic starlets of Imperial past, with a modern twist.  Olivia’s background in classical music, wardrobe choices, and iconic beauty made her the perfect muse for inspiration. The former Miss Universe is a modern day starlet. We picked a recently renovated castle for the shoot because the background has old world elements, but reflect a new sleek world feel in the photos. On the day of the shoot, we had Olivia pick her favorite pieces to wear with specific looks. The photos reflect that Olivia felt very comfortable in front of the camera, which made the jewelry look fantastic. The results of the shoot demonstrate to the audience that pearls are not just on trend, but they are a women’s go to jewelry, always. Imperial Pearl now has photography that will become the next generation of modern starlets.” Says the Art Director.

“It was truly an honor to bring Former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo back to Rhode Island for this great campaign.  The beauty in Rhode Island is unparalleled and so is the creative talent.  Bottom line, we can we do it better and more affordable,” said CEO Michael Mota of Atom Media Group whose Ad agency produced the campaign.

Click HERE for a behind the scenes video!




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